This week in McNary Bands

September 22, 2015

Please sign and return the new permission slip. All students must have a completed permission form registered with Ms. Bell. The form can be downloaded and printed from the resources page.

Student assignment due dates are listed in this schedule, page 1 only. Page 2 will be revised next semester.

Important dates

  • Disney Land Trip permission forms are due Friday September 25. Only 5 have signed up–a minimum of 50 are needed.
  • Field show and pep band performance at the football game on Friday, October 2nd.
  • Pacific Coast Invitational competition is on Saturday, October 3rd.
  • Attendance at the Thursday music rehearsals and the home football games is required of all band members.
  • All State audition recordings are due no later than September 30th. Audition fee is $10.

Parent help needed

  • Parents are needed for helping with the PCI competition.
  • Parents are needed for operating and running various fundraisers.
  • Contact Ms. Bell to volunteer

This week in Band..

Good Morning McNary Celtic Band Supporters,

I am in the process of starting a new procedure for myself. I am going to make a huge goal of writing you once a week from now on until the end of time! I know it is a lofty goal but I am bound and determined to make this work for all of us. For the last four years there has always seemed to have a hole in our communication. I am attempting to fill that hole. If you have questions please feel free to email me at

Fundraisers: Band Day was a huge success! Thank you Lynnea and Paul Lane Massee, Melinda and Mike Melting, Rachel and Sarah, and Kathy Johnson for all your work to make it a great day! It was a great turnout of parents and students. We almost filled two semi trucks with packed cans and bottles and raised approximately $5,600.00 in cash donations. I know the kids were exhausted at the end of the day and our fantastic booster president was exhausted by the end but we made a huge dent in our budget and have successfully support our children. SO, THANK YOU THANK YOU  THANK YOU. I could not run this program without the support you all offered on Saturday. I know the kids may have been a little cranky but they also appreciate you working all day for them.

There will be a few small fundraisers coming up for the students to raise money for their individual account balances. Please help support them and convince them to raise money for themselves.

Booster Meetings: Please plan to attend our booster meeting this Thursday. We have one every month to discuss what is coming up and what items people can help with to make the year run smoothly. You don’t have to volunteer for anything when you show up. We would love to see more people attend the meetings.  Thursday 17th at 7:00 pm

Calendar: I have attached a rough version of the calendar. I do not anticipate anything changing.

Band Rehearsals after school: Everyone (minus varsity football players) will attend the football games. There are four and the first one is this Friday. Before each game we have a music rehearsal on Thursday from 2:30-4:00. This is to cover all music that will be played in the stands. Everyone needs to attend.

Marching Band Members have two weekly rehearsals: Monday night from 5:30-8:30 they need to be on the field in place by 5:30. Wednesday from 2:305:00 they need to get to the practice field as soon as they can.

I will update you on Pit Orchestra Rehearsals, Symphony Rehearsals, and Jazz Rehearsals as soon as they are set in stone. 

Disney Land Trip: I have sent home paperwork for Disney Land today. Please read over and email me with questions. Also I will be sending Disney Specific emails as soon as I get the returned Commitment forms. 

This being my first email, I know there is more. So You May Get ONE More Letter From Me This Week 🙂

Musically Yours,

Jennifer Bell