Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do for Band Camp?

You need to make sure the registration forms are filled out and turned in before or on the first day of band camp. You will also need to make sure your child is here with all appropriate materials. Please have the shoe, instrument rental and apparel fee paid for on day one of camp.

What is Thursday Messages?

Thursday Messages are weekly emails with important information, announcements and reminders regarding what is going on in the program. It is highly recommended that you sign up for this email. It is easy to sign up and just as easy to remove yourself from the list if you change your mind.

How much are Band fees?

$225 for the year. We request that you pay $125.00 of that prior to band camp, and the other half in January. The total must be paid by January 31st of each year. We have payment plans and other options if this does not fit your family situation.
What if my child needs a school instrument? There is a $40 annual rental fee (in addition to Fair Share), and a simple form to fill out. The fee is $40 per instrument. This fee covers cleanings and nominal wear and tear. Any damage done to the instrument while the student has it checked out to them will be the responsibility of the student/parent.


What is the difference between Marching Band and Football Pep Band?

Football Pep Band is required for all Band Students. We play pop tunes in the stands during home football games. Marching Band is not required for all students, and they play on the field at half-time. Football band has a rehearsal after school on the Thursday prior to a home football game.

Band Calendar?

I send out a band calendar out each year that has the proposed dates for the entire year. This sometimes changes and I will give you updated calendars as soon as I am informed of any change.

When will my child audition for placement? Auditions will be held within the next few weeks at their home school. Students should be prepared to play an etude that I send to their band director. A full range chromatic scale and one multi octave scale. They have already received this information.

What is the uniform for band?

The school provides dress for the ladies and tuxedos for the men. Ladies will need to provide their own black flats and stockings. Men will need to provide their own shiny black dress shoes, black dress socks, and white tuxedo shirt.

Block Schedule

Your child will be in one period every other day. Percussion, Concert and Symphonic Band will have regular rehearsals and sectionals after school. Wind Ensemble members will register for an additional class called Instrumental Ensemble. They will still be required to do sectionals afterschool and rehearsals close to performances. This will be scheduled by Ms. Bell, the section coaches and the students.

Classes my child can take:

  • Concert Band: open to freshman and any students not wanting to do marching band
  • Symphonic Band: auditioned, students will be required to audition for marching band
  • Wind Ensemble: auditioned, competitive performance group, travel group, students will be required to audition for marching band.
  • Symphony Orchestra: Auditioned, competitive performance group, travel group, the spots are filled with Wind Ensemble players first, then they are open to audition from any other band.
  • Jazz 1: Auditioned, competitive performance group, travel group, must be in a performance band, and will be required to audition for marching band
  • Jazz 2: auditioned, students will be required to perform in a performance band
  • Percussion: All percussionists will be in this class first semester, second semester they will move to a band class.
  • Marching Band (field show): Auditioned. Students in the top two groups will be required to audition. Open to all students interested.
  • Football Pep Band: Required for all band students who are not involved in varsity football. This is the group in the stands during home football games. Thursday after school rehearsal and football games.
  • Color Guard: Auditioned, Open to all students interested.
  • Basketball Band: Auditioned. Specific instrumentation required. Only during basket ball season. DEC-FEB
  • PIT: This is an auditioned group that plays with the musical. Ms. Bell will get the information to the students in advance. The play is not scheduled yet.

What fundraisers am I required to participate in?

  • Fireworks Booth: This fundraiser is extremely important for our band. We raise approximately $30,000 during this fundraiser. Each student and parent needs to take a minimum of ONE shift. You can choose to always open, always close, OR take a 9:30-2 pm shift or 2pm-6pm shift. We also need one parent to step up and volunteer to be an assistant leader of the booth. (1 to 2 people would be preferable) June 23-July 5
  • Band Day: This is on September 10th. This is the fundraiser where students go door to door collecting donations and cans/bottles. It is required by all band students and parents. We need drivers to take students around Keizer, we need drivers with trailers to pick up the cans, we need can sorters, and food preparations made for the students and parent volunteers. We earn around $15,000 this day.

Other fundraisers

These fundraisers go home with the student and will go directly to your students fair share fees. If they over pay they will go to the next years fee. If we take a trip the fair share fees have to be paid in advance of raising money for the trip.

  • Scrip-purchase gift cards once a month. A portion of your purchase goes directly back into your students account.
  • Butter braids- twice a year. Students sell butter braids and earn 50% profit.
  • Wreaths-sell in December. Students earn approximately 50% for their account.
  • Soapy Paws-Students earn 100% profit on this fundraiser. We go to South Salem and wash dogs for 20.00 a dog. The money is split equally by the students who attend and work.
  • Car wash/Donuts-Parents of each section organize a car wash during the summer. The money is split by the members who attend.
  • Can drive-Students can collect and sell cans throughout the year to earn money to their account.
  • New ideas????—we are open to new ideas. BUT the ideas need to be supported with parents who are willing to help organize. I would love to have more opportunities for your kiddos to raise money for their account. The Boosters can not run all of the fundraisers, so join a committee and help out the students raise the money they need for the account.

Band Boosters
Band Boosters are a small group of parents that organize to make the Board of Boosters. There is a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large. Every parent is apart of the boosters if they have a student in band. The board has a meeting once a month to discuss activities, fundraisers, financial needs, and areas in which they need to support the band. The band parents that are not on the board are asked to attend the 3-4 meetings a year that Ms. Bell organizes. During this time discussion will be had on needs of the boosters and band, activities we are partaking in and financial information you need to know. For the band to function we need parents to help volunteer, some of which need to chair committees. The chairs help the boosters organize different events or activities, communicate with volunteers, and work in conjunction with Ms. Bell to support the band. We need every parent to help in some capacity. Some jobs are more labor intensive than others. I suggest you pick the area you are willing and able to help in. It takes a village to run this band family.